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Discover the ONLY Web Host that migrates you for
free, maximizes your site speed, and delivers 99.9% uptime,
AND you LOVE us or we'll migrate you to the Web Host of your choice for no charge.
  • Personal
  • Business
  • Premium
  • Ultimate
  • Hosted Sites
  • Memory (RAM) 250K
  • Disk Storage      6GB
  • Network Transfer 600GB
  • Monthly Cost $39.95
When I decided to ditch my previous host and move everything over to ServerGenie. They handled the whole migration for me. What a relief it was to not have to deal with that hassle. ServerGenie gets my support and recommendation. If you're frustrated with your current host, do yourself a favor and contact ServerGenie today.

Robert Phillips

Multiple locations aroung the world is also helpful because I wanted my website close to where I live in Vancouver. The Seattle location was perfect for me and delivers fast response times.


 is ServerGenie giving away Free Cloud Hosting?

ServerGenie's team of professionals also wants to let you test the waters without spending a dime. Let us prove we can solve your problems and make your life much easier.
Web Hosting shouldn't be so complicated. Web designers, IT guys, and Hosts take a lot of time to manage. this is time better spent with your family or running your business. Our goal is to remove those obstacles and give you one place to reach out to when you need quick solutions.

Imagine how much more free time you will have on your hands when you let ourprofessionals handle the mundane intricacies of Web Hosting.

 do you get?

So what do you get? How about a full fledged website with full cPanel control panel access?
You also get access to our support team 24x7 for any issues that arise. ServerGenie is known for its support. In fact, I challenge you to put our team to the test. Signup and let them prove how FAST and reliable they really are.

Here is a chart detailing out all of the features each Free Cloud Hosting plan receives.

Free Cloud Hosting

ServerGenie is the foremost provider of secure & managed WordPress Hosting. Our team understands everything from plugin installations, xml, upgrades, templates, and custom WordPress settings.

Ideal For 25K Visitors
Free Migration Assistance   Included Free
  10 GB RAID 10
Bandwidth 250/GB
Automatic WordPress Core Upgrades + Nightly Backups  
Use nearly any Plugin or Theme
sFTP Access Available
Control Panel demo Data Center

 do you get?

Signing up is easy, all you need is a credit card and your billing address so we can verify who you are.

While we know you are an honest hard working person, there are a lot of people out there who use the Internet for less than honest purposes. Your card will only be charged a setup fee of $1 (we can even refund the setup fee if you wish or donate it to the charity of your choice).

At the end of the free year you may cancel by logging in and canceling via your control panel. We don't think you will cancel though as we are sure you will love our fast servers and high quality support.

If you like the service, do nothing and we will automatically renew your account with our No Hassle Renewal - $60 for another year of service or $5/month (you choose your preference when you join).

You will also need to migrate your website within 14-days. This ensures you are serious and keeps our service of the utmost quality.

Why Do We Need Your Credit Card?
  • Verify Your Identity
  • Keep Bad Guys Out
  • So You Can Easily Order Upgrades
  • No Hassle Renewal
    (after your free year)
From the sales Rep to customer service its a pleasure having my ticket responded back to in a timely fashion. I have been dealing with a variety of hosting sites and outsourcing my website issues to various contractors. It just nice to have it all under one roof.

Joe Simon PT, DPT
Manhanttan Physical Therapy & Pain Center

The entire process was simple and easy and I highly recommend to anyone who needs a higher level of support. Server Genie migrated all of my websites for free and gave me step by step instructions all along the way of anything I needed to do.

Bedros Keuilian,

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the catch?
    No catch at all! You REALLY get free web hosting for a year - full features, no ads, no throttles or limits.

    To stir up the water and create more awareness for ServerGenie we are giving away a full year FREE. This is not just some cheap web hosting plan with limits - but a real full fledged hosting plan you can use to host your personal or business web site.

    At the end of the year you can either cancel or be billed at a special reduced rate.

  • Why do you need my credit card?
    Basically it boils down to verification. While you are a real person who will use the service to host your business or personal site - there are many out there who will attempt to use the service for not so good things. A card on file is used to verify your identity and is also kept on file your No Hassle Renewal.
  • How many sites can I host?
    You may host 1 website on this plan. There is an upgrade you can purchase for $5 per month that will allow you to host unlimited websites. Additionally, our other paid plans offer unlimited domain hosting.
  • Will you migrate my site over?
    Absolutely - we know how much of a pain migrating to a new Web Host can be. Simply open a ticket with our support team and we will begin migrating your website immediately. It only takes a few minutes and our team does everything for you.
  • What if I need to upgrade?
    We have a lot of options for fast growing websites such as yours. We offer a full line of Cloud Servers that can handle social gaming networks and busy e-commerce sites.
  • How much will it be when my free year is over?
    The plan will cost just $5/month and will be billed in a yearly amount of $60. This is a savings of over $100 per year on that normal plan price.
  • Is my site limited?
    No, unlike many of our competitors, we will deliver the full allocation of the Personal plan. We do not throttle or limit websites, we allow them to use the full resources the plan includes.
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