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How Do You Increase Revenue?

As an affiliate for other Web Hosts your sales are probably just paid one-time. ServerGenie, however, pays you recurring commissions on every sale.

You get paid every time your referral renews. Our churn rate is low due to our high level of service, and this helps increase your profits per referral. Recurring income provides a steady stream of reliable income each month for you.

Whether your client purchases monthly, quarterly or yearly, the payouts are still 50% recurring commissions!

The best part, Commissions start at $120 per referral based on our lowest priced plan sold yearly!
Here's What Your Potential Earnings Can Be:
The great thing about recurring revenue is the ability to make advanced predictions on income. This comes in handy when planning for such events as growing your business, hiring employees, or even just buying a new car.
Month 1 Month 3 Month 12 Yearly
3 $30 $90 $360 24 $2880
6 $30 $180 $720 36 $4320
9 $30 $270 $1080 72 $8640
12 $120 $360 $1440 144 $17,280
We've Made It Easy To Convert Referrals...

Targeted Banners For Maximum Conversions

Our designers have gone above and beyond and created some of the most amazing banners available. These are sure to grab attention and help convert your referrals to commissions.

If you need a custom size or custom message please contact our affiliate manager. We are happy to accommodate these requests.

Custom Landing Pages

Our research has shown that branded webpages that include the Affiliates logo or likeness convert better. To have your own custom landing page created, just contact our Affiliate manager and they will get this created for you. Turn around is usually less than 48 hours.

Referral Vouchers and Coupons

Super ambitious Affiliate Partners can create their own coupon codes and give part of their commission as discount for referred signups to boost conversions. These can be used to run your own special promotion to help generate more recurring income.

Referrals Staying Longer = More Recurring Revenue For You

ServerGenie has been designed to not only convert better than traditional web hosts, but also to retain clients better. ServerGenie is the first Cloud Hosting provider to offer a Blog dedicated to Online Marketing Tutorials.
We've Made It Easy To Profit....

No Mimimum Payouts

It's pretty annoying to us when you refer someone but can't claim your referral money until you hit a
certain limit (usually $100). This isn't good if you just want to refer a friend or family member.
ServerGenie allows you to withdraw your money after the order has made it through the 'locking' phase, generally within 60-days.
This ensures the referral was legitimate and not a fraudulent order.
It's really easy to do, and is an completely automated process.

Recurring Revenue Delivers Peace of Mind

It can be stressful pushing more and more signups through each month just to obtain the same level of income. With the ServerGenie RRM you can build a substantial living and still reap the rewards of a quality referral. The longer they stay, the more money you make.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How Much Can I Earn?    Can I Email My Followers?
 The sky is the limit - proper placement on your website can help increase your earnings. Of course, the RRM (Recurring Revenue Model) builds up over time - compounding each month. Our Turn a Penny In To Millions blog post explains a long term strategy is the best method.    Yes - but we do prefer you have your own double opt-in list. Rented lists are frowned upon.

Our affiliate team can write custom promotions for you and all you need to do is press 'Send'.

 How Do I Get Paid?    Can ServerGenie Create Custom Landing Pages?
 Our preferred method of payment is PayPal. However, you can also request a check be mailed to you. There is a $5 fee per each check to cover mailing, and the time it takes to create the check.    Yes, this is a great way to 'endorse' ServerGenie as a third-party. This is a proven method on increasing conversions.
 When Do I Get Paid?    Can I Request Custom Banners?
 There is a 31 day lock period. The reason for 31 days is to ensure that the order is legitimate and there are no issues in reversals.    Absolutely - in fact, we recommend it. Customized banners that are designed for your clients will convert better and deliver higher revenue for you.


 Where Do I Get Banners?      
 First you need to Create an Account and you will find all of the banners that we are currently running. Just add the banner code to your website and you are ready to go.      

Affiliate Banners

Choose from a wide variety of professionally designed banner graphics and coding available to help drive traffic and convert visits into sales. Just be sure to use your affiliate URL (available in Affiliates Control Panel) so you get credited properly.
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