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What are people saying about ServerGenie?

The entire process was simple and easy and I highly recommend to anyone who needs a higher level of support. Server Genie migrated all of my websites for free and gave me step by step instructions all along the way of anything I needed to do.

Bedros K.

When I decided to ditch my previous host and move everything over to ServerGenie, they handled the whole migration for me. What a relief it was to not have to deal with that hassle. ServerGenie gets my support and recommendation. If you're frustrated with your current host, do yourself a favor and contact ServerGenie today.

Robert Phillips

Multiple locations aroung the world is also helpful because I wanted my website close to where I live in Vancouver. The Seattle location was perfect for me and delivers fast response times.

From the sales Rep to customer service its a pleasure having my ticket responded back to in a timely fashion. I have been dealing with a variety of hosting sites and outsourcing my website issues to various contractors. It just nice to have it all under one roof.

Simon PT, DPT
Manhanttan Physical
Therapy & Pain Center

cPanel and WordPress Cloud Hosting

ServerGenie is the foremost provider of secure & managed cPanel and WordPress Hosting. Our team understands everything from plugin installations, xml, upgrades, templates, and custom WordPress settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

NO - You will be billed any overages at $0.10/GB.

We feel this is a very fair price and won't drive you to bankruptcy. We'll never shut your site down for having too much traffic! If you go over your bandwidth limitation, we'll email you and give you some options.

However, our overage and additional bandwidth rates are the same. All of our plans contain a generous amount of data transfer and storage. You won't need to worry about bandwidth overages unless you're hosting an FTP Server, video streaming server, or hosting large picture sites. In your control panel, you can easily review your bandwidth usage

You have many choices. One, you can pay for extra space at $1/GB/month. This includes backups of all your site data, and use of our content delivery network, as well.

Two, you can use Amazon S3/EC2, and set up a WordPress plugin that allows you to use them to host some of your content. ServerGenie allows this, but can't support the Amazon side of things.

Three, ServerGenie has NAS, FTP, and Cloud storage options that can handle this for very reasonable rates.

To be honest, it's our fully managed support. Our team will help you resolve a hacked site, perform migrations, add email accounts, upgrade plugins, suggest plugins to use, and just about anything else you need.

When we say you don't need your IT guy anymore, we really mean it. Our team will even install WordPress and add domains for you, just ask us.

Unlimited. However, we list a recommended amount for each plan, however, there are no hard caps on this. If your sites are low usage, you could host thousands easily. If you have busy sites, that number would be reduced.

Typical shared hosting companies care about one thing, and that's keeping their cost as low as possible. They staff low-paid entry-level employees who don't know the first thing about WordPress or cPanel, and they use less-expensive servers.

You may have learned first-hand that typical cheap providers will shut your site down if you get too much traffic. At ServerGenie, we don't do that.

Our servers are high quality and our data center is second to none. Our staff are experts — and have many years of experience with WordPress and cPanel. If you run a WordPress site or use cPanel to manage your sites and need the highest level of security, stability, and support, ServerGenie is your best choice.

We support sites that have millions of pageviews per day. If you need scalable cloud servers, that's exactly what our Premium plan is.

If you need more specific requirements and have questions, feel free to contact our sales team with your exact needs, and we will get back to you quickly.

We have instant access to just about any solution you could ever need. Growing and scaling with ServerGenie is never an issue.

It's really easy! All you need to do is ask our team to migrate your websites for you. It's free and only takes 2-3 hours total.

All that's needed from you is a DNS update to our name servers.

Propagation takes anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours to fully resolve.

If you find that ServerGenie isn't for you, we will migrate you back to your old host or to the host of your choice for FREE.

NEVER. However, if you are lucky enough to have a busy website, we have affordable upgrade options with seamless upgrades. Your website will not be offline at any time during a resource increase or even moving to a new platform such as a dedicated server.